Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog Tease

So Sister had it right.  Blog Tease.  WELL...

I'm lazy.  There I said it.  Too lazy to properly keep up with this.  I have however found a different way to do this.

You can now find my shite at:

Tumblr is blogging for the lazy person.  Go there.  Now.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Good Ole Days...

I was talking to a friend the other day, about the current societal "hot topic".  The gay kids who have committed suicide due to being bullied.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's awful and spent a good deal of time watching the "It Get's Better" Project videos.  Bullying in any form is horrible.  Young kids and teens being bullied because of their classmates fears and ignorance is even worse.  I remember being bullied and also bullying people in junior high and some of high school. 

My mom said that she doesn't recall much bullying happening in school.  That yes there were cliques, but the nastiness and the viciousness just wasn't there.  All of this was explained when I was relating my own experiences.  But now?  It's out of control.
With everyone connected via text messages and social network like Facebook, bullying has taken on a whole new meaning.  It's not the same type I experienced and definitely not the same that our parents did.  Hiding behind the anonymity of a computer screen, grants these kids a sort of strength to say things they would never say in real life.  Horrible things.  That same anonymity also allows things like fake profiles to be made to amp up the attacks.  I have seen that personally after mindlessly clicking through Facebook and landing on a friend's, daughter's page(! shouldn't have been able too in the first place).  Apparently one of her classmates had made up a fake profile to attack the girl's posts.  There was also the case of the mother who made up a fake Myspace page and bullied her daughter's classmate.  Resulting in the girl's suicide.  That kinda fucked up goes beyond what this topic is about.

Bullying isn't so much of a trend now as it is simply getting worse.  Everyone has a cell phone, those cell phones have cameras.  Never mind the pictures that are taken knowingly, what about the kids who are passed out or drugged.  Naked pictures of some poor 13 year old who was slipped something.  Makes it's way around the school.  Sooner or later something snaps.  For everyone involved.  Be it the schools who deal with the students and their loss.  The true remorse of students involved.  Or the realization of a psychopath in those who enjoy it all.

This instant access, instant gratification and instantly erased, though never gone, society has spawned a breed of mega monsters who thrive on fear.  Fear that comes from insecurity as we all know.  I was happy to see that Perez Hilton has decided to stop ripping celebrities apart.  I never understood his appeal.  He was the ultimate online bully.  Not anonymous, but most of his backers were.  The people who were participating, the posse behind the bully.  Other sites like (I will not link to it) that are born out of people like you (well not really like or...) and me, submitting photos of people we know and destroying their character.  Hell even all the stuff on Fox News and the like.  Nothing but fear.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Add another notch to my geek belt

If you were in any doubt over my nerdom or geekiness I've got a new one for you...  I am incredibly excited that the Vancouver Public Library is having a free double feature of:

Yeah I know, a little odd for a double feature.  But free, on a Friday, at one of the most beautiful buildings in Vancouver?  Fuck yeah!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Add another one to the pile...

As if I needed anymore TV fixations... Recently added to the mix is the "family friendly" drama - Sons of Anarchy.  A pleasant romp through the world of motorcycle gangs clubs in California and beyond.  Yep they even mention Vancouver!  Thanks Bacon Brothers, thanks.

Got all wrapped up in it, most likely once again in part to the "gonna clean my house and put it on in the background" concept.  I do enjoy it, it's a boy's soap opera and the lead character is some shexy stuff under that greasy hair.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I suck part deux...

So I guess when you start up a blog and then tell people about it, they actually read it.  Who knew?  I was busted on Saturday evening by someone, and I see that another person has commented... Sigh...  Yes I CAN do better.

A little ashamed to admit it, but I'm sure so many of us have gone through the same thing, so it should be ok to fess up.

Miserable... there said it.  Shortly after my last post the "dream job" turned out to be a dud.  Yes, I was surprised and somewhat shocked when it happened.  And I have my theories.  Some of their reasons are legit and the rest I don't quite buy.  Ah well, there were also certain practices that I really did not agree with.  Also my NYC travel mug "went missing" in the first two weeks.  Seemed to be the norm there, things going missing.  Yeah that sounds like a real winner...

So anyways, back to the miserable.  Job hunt is once again the name of the game, and while I'm not entirely miserable to not be working/at the "dream job", I am miserable that I lost out on some ideal hiring timing.  September is prime hiring time, or so I've been told, and I was out at the end.

Oh well back we go.  It's different wandering to get my paper in October.  I'm not used to it, and I tend to dress too light for the cold and rain we have now.  Still not much out there.  So we'll see.

PS: A dead friend has been "signing on" to MSN and the virus that's running it actually "spoke" to me.  Creeped me the hell out!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I suck...

At keeping up with this that is.  With work, joining The Node, Nerds In Babeland, and basically not as much free time, this blog has fallen way behind. 

I mentioned that I would attempt to post 4 a week and well as you can see that didn't happen so I once again need to rethink things.  I really like the idea of keeping up with this, but it looks like laziness and procrastination has foiled me once again.

All I can say I'll do my best

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hermiting Worthy

I know a girl who goes squeeee crazy when "Shark Week" arrives.  I have found my own version... "Space Week"!

Click on the pic for the "Known Universe" photo gallery

My TV has been tuned to National Geographic channel all weekend and will continue to stay there until said week is over.  So happy to have this channel!